About me

Back in high school, I was the boy who always felt inferior in everything I did. Countless jokes were made about me and how shy and inferior I was. However, researching and a lot of writing poetry made me feel confident in myself.

However, there was a time when some bullies saw me and told me that my wife would leave me for another man. Why? They claimed that I looked so weak and lazy to satisfy any woman in bed. To prove them wrong, I went and tried having sex with my new girlfriend.

I jumped straight to sex without performing any foreplay. When I tried inserting my penis into her vagina, I had already ejaculated! My girlfriend needed sex so bad that she screamed and shouted not caring that my parents and siblings were still awake.

The next day, I woke up to a big surprise. My brother had taken advantage of my girlfriend and they had sex in my brother’s room. That was the moment it dawned on me that I had to do something for a change or I would keep losing my girlfriends or my wife!

I started doing google searches and reading any magazines and books about sex I could lay my hands on. After reading all these, I got some tips on what the different sexual organs affected sex and I even heard of the clitoris for the first time!

Despite all this, I was still not satisfied. I needed something more to challenge my sexual knowledge and make me a better man. The turning point or my sex life happened one day when my brother surprised me with a gift during my 20th   birthday. It was a laptop containing books on sex he had bought online.

It took me 4 months to read those books because I had to write almost everything down. The books offered information I had never ever heard or read online. That was he moment when I felt a spirit come to me and feel like I could now go for another sexual trial to prove I was not lazy  in bed.

My mother soon answered my prayers by bringing in a beautiful housemaid to our home. She one day came to my bed and we had sex. However, after a few minutes again, I ejaculated after only 2 minutes.

The next day, I prepared myself and read all the books I had written after reading books my brother had downloaded. I heard of the name squirting and watched a video having women squirting and I wondered what it meant.

That night, I went to have sex knowing that the beautiful lady had to squirt no matter what the term meant. I wore my t-shirt and went straight to where she was sleeping. I controlled my ejaculation through the methods I read earlier during the day and even continued after my first ejaculation continuously.

This went on for some 20 minutes until I heard screaming a scream which seemed to emanate from her throat. All of a sudden she lifted her body up and all I could feel was my dick becoming wet as if she had urinated. Her body shook as if she was feeling cold.

I was very happy and I felt like a full man now. That lady has never forgotten me and even though she is now married with two children, she keeps asking me for  sexual favors.

I remember once before she got married when she paid for my air ticket and when we had sex, she defecated the bed because she had missed squirting for a long time.

This story can happen to any boy or man out there and that is why I felt it is high time I started a website to help people out there have the best marriages and relationships. This website covers all you have never seen anywhere else about sex knowledge.

You will improve your skills and find that you enjoy sex the way it should be. Sex should be enjoyed not persevered. Welcome to the world of sex knowledge where every sexual question is answered.

I will always be there to answer any questions or comments you send to me. Feel free to contact me at kettervictor@gmail.com.

My name is Victor Ketter. I am 24 years and married. We are expecting our first born child during the August holidays. I am a teacher by profession with a bachelor degree in education. Being a teacher has made me feel free to communicate and share information for the benefit of others.

That is why writing online has made sure I communicate information to billions. I wish you all the best in your journey to perfecting your sexual skills. Thank you for reading.


Victor Ketter


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