Are You Embarrassed By Your Clitoral Stimulation Skills?

Everyone is talking about it and everyone wants to  discover  the strategies they may use to satisfy it. That is none other than the clitoris. for maximum sexual satisfaction,clitoral stimulation is very important. The clitoris is a very surprising part of the female anatomy.


Just try to imagine a part of the body that was only created for sexual satisfaction alone! If you are still surprised, what if I tell you that the clitoris has the highest number of nerve endings than any other part of the body?


The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings which doubles the number of nerve endings the penis has. This is why it is even sometimes called the woman’s penis. The clitoris is budlike in shape and found below the hood and above the vaginal opening. The hood is the part which protects the clitoris.

The clitoris is similar to the penis in very many ways. It has three parts that are very similar to the penis. It has a  glans,  which is a very  sensitive part when touched just like the glans of the penis. Secondly, it also has the shaft and the base which make it seem like a small penis.


To stimulate the clitoris, you can either use your fingers or tongue. You should know that not all women are the same and you should choose what is comfortable to her. While stimulating the clitoris, make sure that you  vary  the pace and pressure according to her reaction.


Stimulate the clitoris   for about 10 or 15 minutes. Start slowly  at first and keep increasing your pressure and space as you continue with the stimulation. However, you should not stimulate the clitoris directly. Stimulate the areas around the clitoris  instead. If you see her getting uncomfortable, it is good for you to stop to avoid irritating her clitoris.


There are many sexual positions that may help in stimulating her clitoris. However. The most popular ones are the woman on top and sitting sex positions. The sitting sex position allows for deep penetration and rubbing of the clitoris which makes sex more pleasurable.


The woman on op also offers a chance for the woman to rub her clitoris around the penis. This is because the woman is in control and  can do all she can to reach  orgasm as she knows the hot spots for her sexual fantasies. This  sex position will also  make sure that you do not irritate  her clitoris.


When using your fingers to stimulate the clitoris, starting while she has her clothes on is very sensual in turning her on. However, make sure that your fingers are moist  before touching the clitoris as it may cause irritation. A lubricant is  good for moist fingers,  but, saliva can also work.


Move your fingers in a circular way and not in a perpendicular way to stimulate all the parts of the clitoris. Use two fingers to make maximum clitoral sensation.


Using your tongue may also be pleasurable for many women. Before licking or sucking her clitoris, it is good to start by breathing warm air into her clitoris  to cause ripples and make her enjoy clitoral stimulation. You can either use a flat tongue or a pointed tongue to make sure that she achieves clitoral orgasm.


Suck the clitoris like you are sucking a grape using our mouth. Do not become too rough also as it may make her clitoris numb. If you prefer using our lips, you can use your lower lip. Do it lightly at first and increase your pace as you continue stimulating the clitoris. You can also use something like a feather soft material or your nose.






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